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Name:LOKI | the red queen's war
Birthdate:Jan 1
"Me? I'm just a jester in the hall where the world was made. I caper, I joke, I cut a jig. I'm of little importance. Imagine though... if it were me that pulled the strings and made the gods dance."

The Father of Lies. The God of Mischief. Though Loki would like to claim he's just a fool while his mouth splits into a smile that could cut steel. He's a little spacey, a little fidgety, he always has to have something in his hands to keep them occupied. He loves talking, both the hearing of his own voice and listening to how people reply to his questions. Above all he loves a good plot twist, it keeps games interesting. And he's always playing games. Usually several of them all at once.

He is an absolute master of wrong-magic. What is wrong magic? It's hard to explain. It interferes with and alters reality; pulls items out of nowhere, transports you to other places far away, turns one thing into another. You don't need incantations or ingredients to brew a potion. The only limit is your belief in what is possible and your own imagination. And Loki's imagination is vast.
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